Food Lion
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Food Lion is one of the leading regional grocery chains in the United States, from its headquarters in North Carolina and 1,100 stores in 10 states. Consult before anyone else the Food Lion Sales Ad in… with lots of savings and coupons!!!

In a Food Lion Grocery Store you will always find good prices (you can see them in the Food Lion Circular) the most popular items and departments are: birthday cakes, bakery, deli, ice creams, warehouse,…

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In 1957, three partners (Ralph Ketner, Brown Ketner and Wilson Smith) opened a small grocery store in Salisbury, North Carolina, called Food Town.

The success of the first store led to the opening of new supermarkets on Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states of the United States. In 1983 it adopted the current name Food Lion.

In 1974 Food Lion was bought by the Belgian group Delhaize Groupe.

During the 1990s, Food Lion was the fastest growing chain in the United States.

Currently, Food Lion is owned by Ahold Delaize (based in the Netherlands), has more than 1,100 stores and its headquarters are located in Salisbury, North Carolina, United States.

FOOD LION Deals and Coupons

What can you buy at FOOD LION Grocery Stores?

In a Food Lion store you will find thousands of items classified by department:

  • Baby
  • Bakery
  • Beer
  • Dairy
  • Deli
  • Frozen
  • Gift Center
  • Gluten-Free
  • Health & Beauty
  • Household
  • Meat
  • Pet
  • Pharmacy
  • Produce
  • Seafood
  • Wine

The private brand of this chain is Food Lion brand, which are food items with the best quality and lowest price.

Latest Food Lion Promotions, MVP Rewards and Weekly Specials

Food Lion offers many promotions that will allow you to save on your purchases:

  • Weekly Specials, like BOGO Deals and that you will find in the Food Lion Weekly Circular, where you can buy 2 items and get the second one for free or 50% off. You can also get other promotions such as coupons, Hot Sales, 3-day deals, …
  • Shop & Earn, it is a promotion with MVP Rewards system.


This supermarket chain allows you to get savings with discount coupons. You can get Food Lion Coupons in their stores (you receive coupons for future purchases). You can also get Food Lion MVP Coupons in Ads (Shop & Earn Service).

How to Buy at FOOD LION?

Food Lion offers these shopping services:

  • In-Store shopping.
  • Online shopping with Curbside Pickup (Instacard).
  • Online shopping with Delivery in ast fast as 1 hour (Instacard).

FOOD LION Online Shopping with Instacard

To buy in the Food Lion online store and its Curbside Pickup service:

  • Visit Food Lion website.
  • Choose the products you want to buy.
  • Choose the day, available time and pickup location.
  • Complete your order.
  • On the day and place indicated, follow the signs and look for the zone to Curbside Pickup.
  • An Instacard employee will bring your groceries to the car.

To buy in the Food Lion online store and its Delivery service:

  • Visit Food Lios website.
  • Choose the products you want to buy.
  • Place your order.
  • An Instacard employee will deliver your purchase to your door (same day, in 1 hour).

🇺🇸 FOOD LION Store Locations

Food Lion has more than 1,100 stores and establishments in 10 states (Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia). On this map of the United States you can see many of the Food Lion Grocery Stores:

Addresses of the most popular Food Lion stores:

FOOD LION Grocery Stores in Greenville NC :

FOOD LION Grocery Stores in Myrtle Beach NC:

FOOD LION Grocery Stores in Salisbury NC:

FOOD LION Grocery Stores in Greensboro NC:

FOOD LION Grocery Stores in Florence NC:

FOOD LION Grocery Stores in Charlotte NC:

FOOD LION Grocery Stores in Fayetteville NC:

FOOD LION Grocery Stores in Wilson NC:


We recommend that you check the hours of your favorite Food Lion store in the section above (“Food Lion Stores Near Me”), but the usual hours are every day from 7AM to 11PM.

FOOD LION Customer Card (MVP Card)

You can register for free as a customer of the Food Lion MVP Card, to access advantages and discounts.

By installing the Food Lion App on your smartphone you will always have My Wallet at hand and you can upload your Shop & Earn Rewards (you can download the app for free here).

How to Contact FOOD LION Customer Service

You can contact Food Lion customer service at the phone number 1-800-210-9569 (Call Toll-Free).

Food Lion
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Food Lion website:

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