Jungle Jim's International Market
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JUNGLE JIM'S International Market Weekly Ads

Jungle Jim’s International Market is one of the most original supermarket chains in the United States and is considered as a food theme park. At Offertastic.shop we bring you the Jungle Jim Weekly Ad with which you can save money on thousands of items.

In Jungle Jim’s you will find fun, a monorail, jungle animals and even animatronics! and above all: thousands of products and groceries from all over the world: Vietnam, China, Europe, … and the lowest prices on cheeses, wines, beer, … with over 70 countries represented! 

🔴 Current JUNGLE JIM'S Sales Ad

We recommend that you check the Jungle Jim’s Circulars and Ad flyers every week for the current deals available in their stores:

⏰ May 13-May 19

JUNGLE JIM'S Eastgate Weekly Ad

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Expires in 63 days

⏰ May 13-May 19

JUNGLE JIM'S Fairfield Weekly Ad

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Expires in 63 days

⏰ Dec 01-Dec 31

JUNGLE JIM'S Vietnamese Monthly Deals Flyer

Vietnamese Deals

View JUNGLE JIM'S Vietnamese Ad Flyer

Expires in 203 days

⏰ Dec 01-Dec 31

JUNGLE JIM'S Chinese Monthly Deals Circular

Chinese Deals
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Expires in 203 days

JUNGLE JIM Grocery Store History

In 1971, “Jungle” Jim Bonaminio began selling fruits and vegetables with his van in a parking lot in Hamilton, Ohio. Their secret was to buy their produce directly from local farmers to offer the lowest prices.

As time went by, customers demanded more products and “Jungle” Jim expanded its grocery and fresh produce stalls successively.

In 1975 he bought land in Fairfield, where he was able to build the first supermarket, under the name Jungle Jim’s Farmer’s Market.

The Fairfield store continued to add new products and, above all, international import products from many parts of the world: France, Greece, Scandinavia, China, Vietnam, India, Mexico…

In 2007, he opened The Oscar Event Center, in a building adjacent to the supermarket, where important events such as: the International Craft Beer Festival, Weekend of Fire, International Wine Festival, Barrel-Aged Beer Bash, New Year New You, Big Cheese Festival, and Whiskey Night.

In 2012 he opened a second store in Eastgate, OH, near Cincinnati.

Today, Jungle Jim’s International Market Inc. is like a theme park, with various shows: an animatronic who sings and plays guitar such as Elvis Presley, the Sherwood forest, a fire truck in the spicy sauces department, lions, giraffes,… it’s crazy!

JUNGLE JIM'S Deals, Catalogue, Offers and Coupons

What to Buy in JUNGLE JIM'S Supermarkets?

Jungle Jim is more than a grocery store, it has become an international market, with retail food items, but also local products. These are the departments of a store of this chain:

  • Bakery
  • Fresh
  • International
  • Specialty
  • Natural Foods and Supplements
  • Beer and Wine
  • Cigars and Liquor
  • American Grocery

Latest Offers & Promotions and Weekly Specials in JUNGLE JIM'S Grocery Stores

The grocery stores chain regularly presents the Jungle Jim’s Ad, with a selection of promotions and offers. Las special deals más habituales en Jungle Jim son:

  • Mix & Match deals
  • 20% off

Each week you’ll find Jungle Jim’s Weekly Ad, with food items on sale (usually renewed every Monday).

Each month you will find Jungle Jim’s Flyers, such as Vietnamese food or Chinese food (with prices valid until the end of the month).


Currently, Jungle Jim’s International Market doesn’t offer discount coupons.

How to Buy at JUNGLE JIM'S Supermarkets?

So you can shop at a Jungle Jim store:

  • in-store shopping
  • online shopping with grocery delivery (Jungle Jim’s Produce Delivered)

How to Buy at JUNGLE JIM'S Market Online & Delivery?

To buy in the Jungle Jim’s Produce Delivered:

  1. Visit the Jungle Jim website and fill out the order form (you can also order by phone ​513-674-6040).
  2. Choose the products you want to buy.
  3. Choose the sending frequency.
  4. On the day and place indicated, an courier employee will bring the groceries to your door.

🇺🇸 JUNGLE JIM Locations

This international food and product chain has 2 locations in Ohio, U.S.A.:

Directions of the 2 Jungle Jim’s Market stores in the United States:

JUNGLE JIM'S International Market in Eastgate, Cincinatti OH:

JUNGLE JIM'S International Market in Fairfield OH:


The usual hours of a Jungle Jim supermarket are from 8AM to 10PM, 7 days a week.

JUNGLE JIM Membership

This grocery store chain offers its membership program in Jungle Jim’s delivery service, with exclusive member discounts.

Customer Service

To contact Jungle Jim’s Grocery Stores customer service, you can call at 513-674-6000.


In our opinion, it depends on your tastes: Fairfield’s Jungle Jim supermarket is a little bigger and has a much more fun decor, as well as a sushi place to eat. Instead, Eastgate’s location is more conventional, but it has more European items and a bar.

Jungle Jim’s is well known for its winery (the largest supermarket in the USA) and for the thousands of international food products.

Jungle Jim’s 2 stores have over 500,000 square feet combined.

“Jungle” Jim Bonaminio is the founder and CEO of this International Market, since 1975.

Jungle Jim's Grocery Store
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Jungle Jim’s website: junglejims.com

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