Mariana's Supermarkets
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MARIANA'S Supermarkets Weekly Ads

Mariana’s Supermarket is one of the leading Hispanic grocery retail chains in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Check in the Weekly Specials (los Especiales de la Semana de Mariana’s Supermarket) and save money on every purchase.

In this Hispanic supermarket you will find food, prepared dishes, fresh products,… and don’t miss their tortillería or cremería department! the best of Mexican cuisine and other Latin American countries!

🔴 MARIANA'S Supermarkets Weekly Specials (Especiales de la Semana)

Here you can check the latest Mariana’s Markets circular with offers and promotions of the week:

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MARIANA'S Supermarkets History

The first store Mariana’s Supermarket opened in 1989, in east Las Vegas, when Hipólito Anaya (a Mexican immigrant) expanded he opened small tortilla shop.

Over the course of 3 decades, the chain expanded to other locations in the city and today is the main Hispanic supermarket chain in Las Vegas.

Currently, Mariana’s Supermarkets is family owned and has 5 locations in Las Vegas, NE.

MARIANA'S Supermarkets Deals (Ofertas), Catalogue, Offers and Coupons

What to Buy in MARIANA'S Grocery Stores?

In Mariana’s Supermarkets the concept is to offer food from Mexico and other Latin American countries. They are highly valued by their customers sections of butchery, tortillería, jugos frescos (fresh juices), …

In a store of this Hispanic market chain you will find these departments:

  • Juice Bar (Barra de Jugos)
  • Produce
  • Meat Market (Carnicería)
  • Bakery
  • Deli
  • Dairy & Eggs
  • Alcohol
  • Babies
  • Beverages
  • Breakfast
  • Canned Goods
  • Dry Goods & pasta
  • Frozen
  • Household
  • International
  • La Cocina & Taquería
  • Mariana’s Fresh Tortilla product
  • Pantry
  • Personal care
  • Pets
  • Seasonal
  • Snacks
  • Tobacco

This retail chain makes its own tortillas and other products with private lavel (Tortillas Mariana’s):

  • Mariana’s Flour Tortilla.
  • Mariana’s Corn Tortilla.
  • Mariana’s Tostada Cevichera.
  • Mariana’s Corn Chips.

Latest Offers & Promotions and Weekly Specials in MARIANA'S Supermarkets

At Mariana’s Supermarket there are great ofertas (deals) on items to prepare tacos, pozole, beans and other Mexican specialties, in addition to many food products.

Every week, the Mariana’s Supermarket Ad is published with the Weekly Specials (a selection of items at a special price).

Mix&Match offers are also frequent in this supermarket chain (for example: Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup 24 oz. 2 for $5)

In the butchery of Maria’s Supermarket is frequent the Weekend Meat Specials promo (with prices valid only Friday, Saturday & Sunday).

MARIANA'S Hispanic Markets Coupons

Today, this supermarket chain does not have coupons or discount codes.

How to Buy at MARIANA'S Supermarkets in Las Vegas?

These are the possibilities you have to make your purchase in Mariana’s Supermarket:

  • in-store shopping
  • online shopping with grocery delivery
  • online shopping with in-store pickup (Click&Collect)

How to Buy at MARIANA'S Supermarket Online, Click&Collect or Delivery?

To buy in the Mariana’s Supermarket online with Click and Collect:

  1. Visit the Mariana’s Market online store website (
  2. Choose the products you want to buy.
  3. Choose the day, available time and pick up location.
  4. Complete your order by making the payment.
  5. On the day and place indicated, follow the signs and look for the Click&Collect (in-store pickup) area.
  6. A Mariana’s employee will bring your groceries.

To buy in the Mariana’s Grocery store online and its Grocery delivery service:

  1. Visit the Mariana’s Market online store website.
  2. Choose the products you want to buy.
  3. Place your order.
  4. An employee will deliver your purchase to your door.

🇺🇸 MARIANA'S Supermarkets Locations in Las Vegas NE

Mariana’s Supermarkets has only 5 stores in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA). You can see the location of each supermarket on the following city map:

Address of the main stores of Mariana’s Hispanic Markets:

MARIANA'S Supermarkets in Flamingo Rd and Eastern Ave, Las Vegas NV:

MARIANA'S Supermarkets in W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas NV

MARIANA'S Supermarkets in N Jones Blvd, Las Vegas NV

MARIANA'S Supermarkets in North Las Vegas NV

MARIANA'S Supermarket Hours

The usual hours are from 7 AM to 10 PM, every day of the week (to confirm, visit the link “Find Mariana’s Supermarket near me” above).

MARIANA'S Market Card

At this time, this chain does not offer any cards or rewards programs.

Customer Service

These are the phone numbers to contact Maria’s Supermarkets customer service:

  • Mariana’s Supermarket 574 N Eastern Ave, LV, NV 89101: (702)387-5588
  • Mariana’s Supermarket 3631 W Sahara Ave, LV, NV 89102: (702)222-9322
  • Mariana’s Supermarket 4151 S Eastern Ave, LV, NV 89119:   (702)894-9090
  • Mariana’s Supermarket 2325 E Cheyenne Ave, LV, NV 89030: (702)642-2662
  • Mariana’s Supermarket 268 N Jones Blvd, LV, NV 89107: (702)776-7200


This grocery store chain is owned by the Anaya family, with the management of Rubén Anaya (son of the founders, Hipólito and Ana María Anaya).

The usual closing time of a Mariana’s grocery store is at 10PM, seven days a week.

Mariana's Supermarkets
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Mariana’s Markets website:

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