Wholesome Choice
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Wholesome Choice in Irvine is one of California’s most famous ethnic supermarkets. Don’t miss any offers with Offertastic.shop and the Wholesale Choice weekly ad that we publish every Wednesday.

In this grocery store you will find for sale American brands, but also many international food products (Japanese food, Lebanese, Persian, Indian, …) and with the best prices in California!


Now you can check online the Wholesale Choice Circular Ad with the latest offers for this week:

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Wholesome Choice opened its first supermarket in 2003 in California.

The concept of this independent grocery store is to offer international food (european, asian, russian, middle east, south africa) in addition to other products that can be found in any supermarket.

Wholesale Choice Market currently has a supermarket in Irvine, California and employs more than 100 workers.

Wholesome Choice grocery store in Irvine, CA (Photo: Google Streetview)

WHOLESOME CHOICE Deals, Circulars and Coupons

What to Buy in WHOLESOME CHOICE Grocery Store?

Irvine Wholesale Choice store departments are:

  • Groceries
  • Farm fresh produce
  • Fresh cut meat daily
  • Taste of India
  • Taste of Asia
  • Dairy
  • Frozen
  • International kitchen / Catering
  • Fresh Asian produce
  • Fine wine, liquor spirits & beer
  • Bakery & cakes
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Flower
  • Bulk

Organic products and gluten-free products (and at low prices) are also available at Wholesome Choice Market.

Wholesome Choice Food Court / Catering Menu

In the international food department of Wholesale Choice you can find international dishes like these:

  • Persian food: Fesenjoon stew, beef koobideh, chicken koobideh, basmati rice…
  • Lebanese food: assorted meat, pita bread, ..

Latest Offers & Promotions and Weekly Specials in WHOLESOME CHOICE International Market

The Wholesale Choice Sales Ad launches every Wednesday in a flyer with offers valid for one week. These are the most common Wholesale Choice offers in your Irvine store:

  • 3 Day Sale (items with special price, only Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays).
  • Mix & Match deals (buy 4 get 20% off).


Occasionally, you can get Wholesome Choice coupons in their ad flyer.

How to Buy at WHOLESOME CHOICE Persian Market Irvine?

These are the options offered by the Wholesale Choice store in Irvine CA:

  • in-store shopping
  • online shopping with grocery delivery (same day delivery with Instacart)

How to Buy at WHOLESOME CHOICE Online And Grocery Delivery with Instacart?

To buy in the Wholesome Choice online with Grocery Delivery service:

  1. Visit the Wholesome Choice Irvine website or the Instacart app.
  2. Choose the products you want to buy.
  3. Place your order.
  4. An Instacart employee will deliver your purchase to your door (you can get your items delivered in as fast as 1 hour).

🇺🇸 WHOLESOME CHOICE Grocery Store Locations

Today, the brand has 1 only store in the United States (after the permanent closure of the Anaheim store), as you can see on the map below:

Location of the most popular Wholesome Choice supermarkets in the U.S.A.:

WHOLESOME Choice in Irvine CA:

WHOLESOME Choice in Anaheim Hills CA:

WHOLESOME CHOICE Hours in Irvine Store

Opening hours may vary throughout the year, but the most common is 7AM-10PM (7 days a week).


Today, this grocery store does not offer customer card, loyalty program or rewards.

WHOLESOME CHOICE Irvine Phone Number

Wholesale Choice customer service phone number (Irvine store) is: (949) 551-4111.


The CEO of Wholesome Choice is Sam Nayyeri.

The usual closing time of the Wholesome Choice Irvine store is at 10PM.

The usual opening time of a Wholesome Choice Irvine store is at 7AM.

Wholesale Choice has closed stores in Anaheim and Yorba Linda (there are no plans to reopen), but the Irvine CA supermarket remains open.

Wholesome Choice
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Wholesome Choice website: wholesomechoice.com

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